Avalon Fan 7500 RPM 140x140x38mm

Code: RP-CF-AV7500

Avalon Fan 7500 RPM 12V 9.0A 140x140x38mm


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Avalon miner cooling fan 14cmx14cmx3.8cm 12V 9.0A

Looking for a high-quality cooling fan for your Avalon miner? Look no further than the Canaan Avalon Fan 14014038mm!

Product parameters: Model 1412HE, air volume of 68CFM, and a fan size of 140x140x38mm. The power interface is available in both 4-pin and 6-pin varieties, and it emits a noise level of 38dBA. The speed (RPM) is adjustable between 5000-7500RPM, with a voltage of DC 12V, a current of 9A, and a power output of 76.5W. With an operating temperature range of -10°C to 70°C, this cooling fan is perfect for keeping your Avalon miner running at optimal levels.


Product Model: 1412HE
Air volume: 68CFM
Fan size: 140x140x38mm
Power Interface: 4pin/6pin
Noise: 38dBA
Speed (RPM): 5000-7500RPM (12V)
Voltage DC: 12V
Current: 9A
Power: 76.5W
Operating temperature: -10°C to 70°C

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