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I am Ben Thomison, ASICcare.com Co-Founder and CEO. I have been in the bitcoin mining industry for over four years and have deployed over 300+ MW of miners for industry titans. As an Operations Manager and Bitcoin miner, I have felt and witnessed the delays and struggles the supply chain can bring.

It is no secret that sourcing hardware is a challenge in this industry. Shipping costs are expensive, lead times are long and prices are all over the map. You can find deals on specific parts one day, but they are sold out the next day—and then they are back at full price again! It is not uncommon for miners to get stuck waiting weeks or months just to get an order placed.

This is the reason we started ASIC Care—to make it easier for anyone who wants to start mining bitcoin or expand their existing operation. We provide reliable access to top quality mining equipment and supplies at competitive prices with fast-turnaround shipping and minimal lead time. 

As a combat veteran with two deployments, I understand the importance of having trustworthy partners you can rely on. Our team is exactly that, with specialization in product design, advanced ASIC repair, marketing and logistics you can rely on us as a trusted provider. 

We aim to be the largest global supplier of Bitcoin mining equipment and would love an opportunity to earn your business. If you are a miner or manufacturer and looking for a North American distributor to host or supply your mining equipment, please reach out and let us work together.

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Ben Thomison - CEO

Founder | CEO 

Our Perfect Team

Ben Thomison


Since 2018 Ben has deployed over 300+ MW of Bitcoin miners across the U.S. Working with the largest miners in the US and helping them grow into successful businesses.

Richard Best


Former Army Intel Technician turned design master, Richard holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins and an MA in Design. He is an expert in product design and marketing communications.

LYnnette Thomison


As a 2x Co-Founder in  the bitcoin industry, Lynnette has established herself as the expert for miner repair. With over 14k repairs since 2021, she is an expert in warranties & logistics.